Memento — First Love’s Treasure



To create a sculpture based off a personal memory using only three materials.

Materials Used:

  • Air dry porcelain clay
  • Sand
  • Matte gel medium

Approximate Dimensions:

2.5 in x 1.5 in x 2.8 in

Artist Statement:

This piece is based off the memory of my first kiss which happened a little over a year ago on a warm December night. I’ve been in romantic relationships before, but they were all long distance, so I lacked the physical warmth and comfort of another human being. Then I met him, the man who I was unknowingly about to fall for. It was supposed to just be a friendly outing, and nothing more, but somehow the night transformed into a stereotypical romance movie. It was nighttime, on the beach, the two of us alone underneath the starry sky. We sat beside each other in complete silence, listening to the waves of the ocean crash against the shore. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence, in fact, it was the most comfortable silence one could have with a stranger. I felt a chill, and he noticed, and so he put his arms around me to keep me warm. Thus, initiated the chain of events that would follow leading up to the kiss. It was the first time my body (physically and emotionally) was opening to another person. I felt vulnerable. Our bodies melded together perfectly and shaped itself into a love that I didn’t expect to become the way it did or come as far as it has.

The porcelain clay represents the delicate, but strong love that was molded that night. The sand represents where the memory took place. I can clearly remember the texture of the sand sticking to my skin. I mixed the matte gel medium with the sand so it would stick to the inside of the organically shaped heart. There are slightly intricate details that can be seen through the opening of the heart, which represent how I was opening my vulnerabilities to another person. Out of all the projects I have done this semester, this one is the one I am the proudest of, because it is the most positive thing I have made all semester, and it is the one thing that I feel genuine happiness over.


Joan Lurie, Artist


Carrie Dickens, Designer


Martin Azua, Designer


In-Progress Photos




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