On Longing

“The body is the primary mode of perceiving scale.”

Memory 1

This image shows one of my first memories attending Flagler. It was the 450th anniversary, and I was with some friends waiting for the firework show. I was sitting at the Fort, my legs dangling over the sides above the water. I was nervous because I felt like I was going to fall. This image accurately portrays the quote above because from where I was sitting I could tell the distance of where the water was, and I could tell where I needed to adjust and move my body to be further away from the water.

“Capacity of objects to serve as traces of authentic experiences.”Memory 2

This is just a simple Bulbasaur plushie from Pokémon, but it holds a greater capacity than just being a mere plushie. When I first received this plushie was also the first time I went to Dave and Buster’s. I had never been before, although I desperately wanted to go. My significant other decided to take me one night, and it was one of the most genuine and enjoyable experiences I had with him. I felt so carefree and light, like nothing in the world mattered—all that mattered was that we were together laughing like children and enjoying each other’s company. My relationship with him was evolving into something deeper and greater, and even now I can remember the lighthearted happiness I had with him that night.

“The souvenir reduces the public, the monumental, and the three-dimensional into the miniature, that which can be enveloped by the body.”

Memory 3

In almost every single picture I take of myself you can see the diamond heart-shaped necklace hanging delicately around my neck. Sometimes I forget it is even there. It is the one, single piece of jewelry I rarely ever take off. Many women love diamond jewelry and treat them as sacred due to their high expense, but for me, this necklace is sacred due to the monumental value of love that is symbolically held there. My mother gave me this necklace when she felt I was old enough to take care of jewelry responsibly. For me, this diamond necklace is a physical relic of my mother’s love. It is something that I wear every day, never letting it leave my body. I intend to carry it on me until my final breath.

“Nostalgia cannot be sustained without loss.”

Memory 4

This image is a rather literal interpretation of the quote above. My parents recently received a new puppy, one who I love dearly and absolutely adore. However, whenever I look at this new puppy my mind reflects back on the days when I was younger and still in elementary school when at the time we owned a chihuahua by the name of Princess. Princess was the only dog my family ever had that I actually had a deep and heartfelt connection with. Sometimes I giggle silently at the memories I had with her, and even now as I write this my heart writhes in pain at the memory of her passing. However, I would not be able to look back nostalgically on those memories for if we had not lost her.

“To have a souvenir of the exotic is to possess both a specimen and a trophy.”

Memory 5

I always wanted a pocket watch for the longest time because they looked so antique and intricate in their designs. I loved the steampunk look that pocket watches tend to display. When I first received this pocket watch, in particular, was a few days before graduation. My mother had given it to me as a graduation gift. Not only was this pocket watch a modern take on the antique versions, but it became a souvenir of accomplishment for finally having finished high school.


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