Masking Tape Shoes


Create a pair of shoes using only masking tape, and replicating its dimensions, look, and texture. Use deconstructive methods to understand how the original shoe was constructed, and use this as a template in order to reconstruct the shoe using only masking tape. Use sight and touch to understand and emulate the look and feel of the original shoe. Understand how through observation only provides the opportunity to understand the basic principles of design.

I used a pair of shoes from H&M to base the construction of my masking tape shoes. I took one of the pairs and cut along the sewn edges to deconstruct the shoe and understand how it was put together. I used each piece of the original shoe to trace out the template for the masking tape shoe. Once I had all the templates, I began to put them together in order to create the final product. I used a stylus in order to create the embossed details of the stitches, the front of the outer sole, and the bottom of the shoe.


Masking Tape


5 in x 12 in x 3.5 in

In-Process Photos

Creating the sole of the shoe
Putting together the shoe with the tongue. If you can see closely, on the cutting mat there are layers of masking tape. I used layers of masking tape to trace and cut out the template for each part of the shoe.


Bottom of sole with texture created by embossing with a stylus


Final Product Photos


Final Statement

This project was a long, frustrating process. I originally was not even sure how I was going to go about constructing the shoe. It almost seemed like it would be an impossible task. However, now that the project is done and over with, I feel like there were many learning outcomes such as patience and understanding how observation allows us to truly understand the principles of art and design. I understood texture more by just closing my eyes and feeling the texture of the original shoe compared to the texture I created on the masking tape shoe. By being forced to really stare at a shoe for hours on end allowed me to see different nuances of how the shoe is created and how to emulate the tiny details to garner as much accuracy as possible. Even the tiniest details in art and design matter, and the only way to notice those tiny details is to really get close to what you are working with and observe. There is so much to learn through just our sight and touch, and by understanding how the two work together leaves a vast amount of creativity when creating things that can become more abstract. Although I was beyond frustrated in the process of creating this shoe, I am extremely proud of the final outcome. It may not be perfect, but I feel like I actually learned something from this experience.


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